Screws and fittings should always be mounted firmly and duly. Clothing (eg, shirt, tie, dress, etc.) can be installed in dislocated pieces.

If a part of fasteners is missing or incorrect, please do not use the product.

Do not place Ider products near sources of strong heat such as the fire, electric heaters, gas stoves, etc..

Keep the product out of direct sunlight. Otherwise it can lead to empurpling.
Do not leave the product in extreme humid and dusty environment.
Ider products must not be exposed to rain and winter weather conditions although it is weather-resistant.

Products must be protected against damage.
As Chennille fabrics has nature of towel, do not frequently wipe in order to prevent hyperpigmentation which may occur. Perform the deletion with a slightly damp cloth without applying too much force.
Clean with a vacuum cleaner to prevent contamination of fabrics or brush lightly with non-metal thick-piled, soft brush.

Stains should be cleaned with a slightly damp only by water-based soap (white granulated soap bubbles), or upholstery fabric cleaners.

We recommend you immediately clean a liquid spilled on the fabric inward to prevent the spreading of stain without pressing.

Do not make the drying process with an iron.
Clean removable fabric not by machine washing, but by dry cleaning.

Do not use Ider products out of the function and purpose.
Do not open the lid and drawers at the same time to avoid tipping over furniture such the products which have a lot of drawers and covers such as laundry and bedside table.
Do not overload furniture. Avoid weights that could destabilize the product.
Protect furniture from extreme hot and cold environments and long-lasting direct sunlight. Sharp and pointed objects, acidic liquids can damage surface quality of your furniture.
Products should not be exposed to high temperature and humidity, hot objects should not be placed on the products.
Furniture-wood-metal parts of the products must be avoided from prolonged contact with water, and contact surfaces with water should be dried.
Do not attach the adhesive materials such as labels, etc. that can damage surface quality of your furniture.
Use moistened soft cloth and a cleaning agent to avoid scratches on the product for cleaning Ider products. (Eg, neutral cleaners)
Be sure to check the hinge connection screws and hinge adjustment screws on a regular basis to prevent any sagging on covers.
Hinges should be lubricated with machine oil at regular intervals to ensure long life. Partial color changes may occur on the product over time depending on the environmental conditions.
Substance such as cigarette etc. should not be left on the product.
Moving objects on the products, operation should be performed by cutting the contact of the objects with the product.
The ground where you use Ider products must be flat. Otherwise, because there will be disorder in the form and the functioning of the products that is established on such grounds, it is outside the scope of warranty.
Cover and drawer settings, etc. service resulting from the use of products which have been installed are paid.
Slightly damp cotton cloth(certainly not wet) or furniture cleaning agents should be used on cleaning laminated chipboard products, and immediately should be dried with a paper towel or dish towel. Acidic or synthetic solvent should never be used. In some cases, if it is composed of spots that do not remove, it is recommended to clean with cellulose thinners. (Cellulose thinner should never be used on membrane and lacquer. In case of using, the product is out of warranty.)
More than capable of supporting materials should not be stored in the drawer units of laminated chipboard products.
In the case that carrying capacity of ray systems is exceeded, there may occur problems such as clamping or miscarriage on running the drawer.
In the products in which telescopic metal rail is used, steel balls inside the ray are damaged and the service can not be done within the scope of warranty.
When seating and back fonts of seating groups are prompted to clean up, it should be carefully removed and numbered and should be washed at automatic machine under 30 celcius (this process varies according to the types of fabric, and there are fabrics that should not be washed.) or should be treated with dry cleaning (We recommend you dry cleaning to be primarily preferred.)
Seating groups should not be used contrary to purpose of seating. (Arm and back parts should not be used as a step or the amplifiers)
As metal parts are used in mechanism seats, a force outside the direction of operating should not be implemented.
Status of Ider products, which will be ordered, overflowing the place where it will be put and used, wholly owned by the end user. Before ordering Ider product, make sure certain measurements adheres to the places where you will use.
Remove furniture in reverse order during transportation. Make sure not to damage the parts during shipment. Be sure to mount the furniture on a clean and flat surface. Installation should be carried out by at least two experienced people. Follow the connection diagram in principle and use the correct auxiliary materials.
If you are replacing location of furniture in the house, remove all racks. Handle the product in a way that the movement such as doors, drawers, is facing up.
Our company is not responsible for accidents and damages that may occur as a result of displacement of Ider products by the end-user. Do not attempt to shift furniture by pushing or dragging. Handle the unpacked and set up product not by dragging but by removing.
During door to door transport, move the furniture with the package.
Problems that may occur during door to door transport does not cover warranty.
Do not move by placing heavy, sharp and crisp goods in any way on the product.
The purchased product, if it is going to be delivered the store, should be delivered with the vehicle suitable for the size of the product.
Transportation team sent to our warehouse by the customer must be experienced in placing and fixing the product properly while warehouse delivery of the products are being done. Our company is not responsible for any damages that may occur during shipping.


Melamine coated chipboard.
Metal connection devices.
Aluminum handles and apparatus.
Massive tree.
Poplar tree.
High-density foam.
Metal foot and apparatus.
Shock Absorber and fittings.


Panel furniture products are made ​​of laminated artificial table and prepared in disassembled. Side endings of trays are surrounded by 1 mm. PVC tape. Furniture connections is made of metal minifix elements, these elements are required for an easy standardization of components and exchange of spare parts. A bright membrane (highgloss) may be used on the covers of some products. This material is produced by that 0.50 mm thick PVC-based material applies hot pressure in the range of 2000-6000 bar to the portion of raw of MDF slab covered with resinous craft on one side. Membrane products must not be directly exposed to heat. Relying on the information that mdf is better than artificial tray (chipping) colloquially, because our company takes into account importingly the policy of transparency on this issue within the customer relations as well as intra-firm, it felt the need to inform on this issue.

MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) is an artificial tray the production of which is applied in our country in the early 80's. When it has been first come forward, as it is produced in the case that high-strength nut shell is pressed with some organic compounds, it has quite resistant and dense structure. However, for the increasing demand in accordance with consumer society, by the condensation of cellulose (kraft paper) material production has continued. As a result of this situation, on furniture manufacturing and after-sales service, there appeared problems such as bolting problems and increasing in swelling coefficient. As a result, in our company, reasons to use 1st class of artificial table (laminated chipboard or chipping) are due to this technique requirements. Depending on that artificial plates are of several qualities, the quality of the product is impossible to understand externally. The quality of artificial plates is related to the intensity.

Laminated chipboard products are more durable than the products of which outer surface is polished. However, during the use or cleaning, on edge endings or 45 degrees sharp (miter nose) joins, element of dense water is worthy of notice. When cleaning, slightly damp cloth should be used.

For complex products such as the dining room, bedroom or wall unit, when installation team comes, the place where product will be installed must be empty. If you have furniture in the room, it is out of our obligation to provide dismantling and transportation.

Before installation team has come, the exact location of the product which will be installed should be determined. Otherwise, the valve setting it is installed will deteriorate all the time the location of the product changes. In such cases, we recommend that the changing of the location of the product is done by the people who are skilled at setting or by our company in return for a fee service.

Door, sliding door and drawer settings on flat pack furniture are adjusted according to the state of the ground during installation. For the available floor will be of wood or textile material and the pressure exerted by the product on ground will not be the same everywhere, product needs to be set manually. The cause of this type of setting is not the fault of production.

During opening and closing the drop-down tables of dining room, it should not be done and forced by people who do not know the opening system.

Mounting of wall units are described by the store staff during the sale, another installation request by the customer is unapplied. Otherwise, our company will not be responsible for constructive problems that may arise.

Opening electronic installation holes in wall units is lack of firm mandate, and application is not made at the request of the customer with our company standards.


Keep the product out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, there will appear yellow discoloration on the product.
Do not leave the product in excessively humid or dusty environment.
Do not wipe frequently as chenille fabrics are property of towel. Please do not apply too much force with a slightly damp cloth during deletion.
Clean with a vacuum cleaner or brush lightly with a non-metallic thick piled, soft brush to avoid contamination of the fabric.

We recommend that stains are cleaned with a slightly damp only by water-based soap (white granulated soap bubbles), or upholstery fabric cleaners.

We recommend you immediately clean a liquid spilled on the fabric inward to prevent the spreading of stain without pressing.

Do not make the drying process with an iron.
Clean removable fabric not by machine washing, but by dry cleaning.
Cleaning of stains: Cleaning is gently wiping the stain from the outside through the inner part in accordance with the cleaning statement.
Coffee, tea and milk stains: After the stain is absorbed all the way with a soft stain absorbent paper, it is gently wiped in a circular motion using neutral soap.
Chocolate and sweet spots: ıt can be wiped using foam with hot water (max. 40 * C).

Beauty spot:It is wiped using neutral soap.
Jam, syrup and fruit stains: Stain wiped with a sponge with hot water.
Also leathers should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, there will be yellow discoloration on the product.